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“…rapid testing for screening purposes may help to prevent potential outbreaks…”

“daily screening of 3% of the population is ideal…”

Health Canada

Industry Advisory Roundtable , on COVID-19 Testing

Testing for COVID is now as easy as testing your blood sugar

Why Test For Covid?

The only thing worse than having COVID-19 would be to pass it to someone else because you simply didn’t know you had it.

For less than 12 dollars, you can:

– Know if you HAVE COVID and avoid transmission to others

– Know if you HAD COVID and if you have antibodies to protect you

Are You In Business?

Did you know that your business can get shut down if you have a COVID outbreak at your place of business?

You can help avoid this by using regular rapid testing to screen for people who are infected with COVID-19 who could shut your business down.

If your business is currently closed, you may be able to reopen if you can demonstrate a program only allowing re-entry for persons with antibodies!

Are you a:



Frequent and proactive testing of staff, residents and clients will allow you to avoid a COVID outbreak BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Get the antigen test for COVID

Testing for antibodies will allow you peace of mind in knowing that those in your facility are safe.

Get the antibody test for COVID

No matter your circumstance

We can help you to come up with a COVID-19 response and management plan, COVID testing service, COVID testing procedures and COVID safety protocols for your company.

The only thing worse than having COVID-19 would be to pass it to someone else because you didn’t know you had it.

Which COVID Test Do I Need?

What A Rapid Covid Test Tells You

Questions about Covid

Do I have COVID?

Our rapid COVID tests can tell you if you have COVID 19 – before symptoms arrive.

Get the Antigen COVID test

Questions about Covid

Have I had COVID

If you have had COVID previously, this test will tell you!

Get the Antibody COVID test

Questions about Covid

Is My Vaccine Working?

We have a test that will identify if your vaccine is providing antibody protection.

Get the Antibody COVID test

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