Frequently Asked Questions


What will these test tell me?

Depending on which test you use, you will be able to know if:

1. You have COVID right now – without symptoms
(Get the Antigen Test for COVID)

2. You have COVID right now – and that explains symptoms
(Get the Antigen Test for COVID or Get the Antibody Test for COVID)

3. You have COVID antibodies, which means you either HAD covide before or you have been vaccinated and your vaccine is providing protection.
(Get The Antibody Test for COVID)

Do I get my results right away?

Yes. You will receive your results within 15 minutes, a there is literature included with your kits to explain to your the results of the tests.

What is rapid testing?

A rapid test for covid is used for screening purposes and is performed outside of a laboratory setting. Rapid Covid Tests can quickly reveal a diagnostic result for an active COVID-19 infection.

The rapid covid test turnaround time is generally within 15 minutes. The test is best used to scan large groups of people frequently, regardless of whether they are showing symptoms, to identify and stop the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Who will administer my rapid test?

Even though the rapid covid tests are generally as easy to use as a pregnancy test, most provinces in Canada have regulations requiring that the tests be administered by a healthcare worker.

Canada has identified covid self-testing as a high priority and the provinces themselves have been modifying the regulations around rapid tests in order to allow for individuals to do their own testing.

In a press release on April 26, 2021, the Alberta government lifted the requirement for registered health professionals to administer rapid tests to screen for COVID-19.

As of the date of writing, Alberta no longer requires rapid testing to be overseen by a health-care worker. British Columbia has also taken this enlightened path and as time goes on more and more provinces are seeing rapid covid tests as a strong tool to combat covid.

Health Canada supports the move, which has also already been implemented in Ontario.

We sell our tests with the understanding that all buyers will comply with their local laws when it comes to administering the tests.

How accurate is the rapid testing system?

The rapid tests for covid are best used when someone has the most common types of symptoms or have been in contact with confirmed cases. The perfmance of the test is best in the early stages of the disease when there is a higher viral load.

What happens if I get a positive result?

Positive results from this test should be considered as a “presumptive positive” result until you can be completely checked by your provincial health authority.

Between the tie that you get a positive test result for COVID and the time yo uare able to get to the provincial health authority for testing with them, you need to follow the Isolation and quarantine requirements of your local provincial health authority to reduce the number of people you could infect.

Provincial and territorial resources for COVID-19

Are my results confidential?

We are under no obligation to track, trace or collect test results from our clients, and we don’t. Therefore, your test results are only between yourself and those you trust with your medical services. If you do test positive, we strongly urge you to follow all national and provincial protocols.

Provincial and territorial resources for COVID-19

Can people without symptoms of COVID-19 infect others??

The alarming answer is yes. The evidence continues to show that a large percentage of people who test positive for Covid-19 do not have any obvious symptoms. This means it is all that much more critical for people to follow public health measures and do whatever it takes to add another layer of protection in the fight against COVID-19.

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How do the rapid tests work?

The rapid covid test normaly involves a simple strip located on a portable optical readout, (like a disposable pregnancy test), that provides a yes or no answer.

The sample; either blood droplets or nasal swab material, passes over a line that detects covid antigens or covid antibodies and the line changes colour if it detects covid antigens or covid antibodies. 

The rapid tests monitor a person’s infection status and can be used as often as required to detect the viral load within a person and for needed peace of mind.